Cut and Paste from an email sent by VE7RLE (Ron)

As to Field Day, we will be allowed to set up at the Salmon Arm Airport.

Hopefully we can go Friday to get masts set up and antennas ready to be pulled up for Saturday, operating from the normal starting time of 1100.

There should be a number of other groups setting up on Saturday, as EVERTHING involved with Sunday June 24th combination of Air Appreciation Day and the Shuswap Emergency Program Exposition on this site must be ready for viewing at 0800 on Sunday.   

There should be about 500 spectators on Sunday while we finish off Field Day at 1100 and then stay on until closing time as part of the SEP Exposition-- as the club is closely associated with the program.

Please get back to me with more of your comments and concerns.

We will use all Salmon Arm equipment for our two stations, operating as 2A BC, but hams from Vernon and anywhere are welcome to operate with us, especially during the wee hours when we are also keeping an eye on the site for anyone suspicious.
 73-- Ron