SUBJECT: Vernon’s 62nd Winter Carnival Parade

You are most welcome to join the NORAC team for the Winter Carnival Parade on the 4th of February.

 GENERAL: Our part of the operation involves setting up space markers (small numbered cones) along 27th Street, the assembly point of the parade. We then marshal the arriving floats into their designated slots and when the parade starts at noon we marshal them in their correct order into the “conga line” of the parade.

As the floats clear their positions, some of the crew retrieves the traffic cones and when that task is complete team members are released to go home or take advantage of snacks provided by carnival organizers.


You need only bring a handheld 2m transceiver and spare battery. We will be operating on the 147.380 MHz repeater (+600 kHz offset).


0630 to 0730ish Breakfast at Denny’s Restaurant (This is optional, but many have attended in pre-pandemic years and I would love to reset that tradition).

 0800 Radio operators assemble in the parking lot of Seton Secondary School on 27th St & 41st Ave. (See map here: Vernon Winter Carnival Parade, 62nd Annual – Vernon Winter Carnival

 Instructions & club ‘visi-vests’ are provided to all participants and positions assigned along the assembly route.

 0800 to 1200

For the next few hours as floats arrive, the crew ensures the floats are where they need to be.

1200 Parade starts. Crew members monitor and direct floats as required as the line begins to move.

Any snags are reported via radio and passed to officials. Floats arriving late or “no shows” are dealt with.

The event usually goes quite smoothly.

 1300 -1400 Windup & Dispersal. We are usually finished fairly quickly, traffic cones & vests returned and everyone goes their way.


 That’s about it, we always have a space for all hams that wish to help our. It’s fun and friendly. Just reply with a ROGER to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


73, Bob, VE7EZI