March 17, 2022 - Penticton, BC

I just happened to be in Penticton with my YL visiting family. We decided to take the dog for a walk at the beach... and I discovered that Skaha Lake Park VE-5343 had not yet been activated in the Parks On The Air program. So, while the rest of the family walked the dog, I set up for a quick activation from a gorgeous park location.

It was cold, around 8 C (46 F) but the activation was quick. 16 contacts within about a half hour. All on 20m with the Icom IC-705 barefoot (QRP 10 watts).

Antenna was the HyEndFed Portable Mini 10/20/40m EFHW between a tree branch (far end) at around 6m/20' and a SOTABEAMS Tactical Mini pole (match end) at around 5m/17' for a slight sloper. The far end pointed due North. A 2.1m (7') length of counterpoise coax, 1:1 un:un common mode choke and then another 4.2m (14') of coax tied in to the radio.

What was funny was I had just received my DIY599 PA500 HF amplifier from Oliver DL4KA in Germany. I was thinking maybe the conditions might require the use of an amp - nope. Didn't even hook it up. LOL! Will test it out next time Oliver!

I am always amazed at efforts of the hunters of these activations and the excellence of their stations being able to work us small QRP stations. For example, check out Mike CU3HY's station. Here is my contact map from HAMRS:

Big thanks to all the hunters,
Good times playing radio,
POTA Activator