North Fraser ARC is pleased to announce our Family Day Weekend Super High Altitude Cross Band Repeater with APRS and Camera!

With the generous help of many donators on our go fund me we are able to do it again! This time extra precautions are being taken to make recovery more likely.
We have a PERFECT day for launch, visibility will be outstanding for viewing and recovery which is expected somewhere in Surrey/North Delta area. Flight time is predicted to be a total of 2 hour 20 minutes with a maximum altitude at 31,000 Meters (102,000 Feet). There will be one more wind check and course correction at 5:00PM which may affect the times below and or elevation slightly but this will be very close.
Launch 6:00PM
Max elevation (burst) 7:34PM
Landing 8:20PM

The balloon will be lit up like a UFO... just because we can.

Expectation is coverage of the Entire Pacific Northwest, BC Interior and Southern Vancouver Island.
Crossband repeater uplink is: 446.175 100Hz tone
Crossband repeater downlink is: 146.560