LESS THAN A WEEK TO GO and the predictions show it is most likely coming your way!

North Fraser ARC is pleased to announce our Remembrance Day Super High Altitude Balloon Launch with APRS & Cross-Band Repeater. Anyone with dual band HT can play!

Balloon will be launched at approx. 9am (with a Repeater minute of silence at 11AM) on November 11, 2023.

Repeater should be arm chair copy all throughout South Western BC, the Interior of BC, Southern Vancouver Island and Northwest & North Central Washington State from 100,000 ft +/- Balloon to horizon range is 550-600 km. Exact launch site to be determined, will be a game day decision depending on wind predictions, but will be from the Lower Mainland.

APRS callsign VE7NFR-11
Crossband repeater 5W transmit output
Uplink 446.150 Mhz tone 100.00 hz
Downlink 146.560 Mhz

9:00AM Pacific Launch

Any Hams interested in the chase and recovery are welcome. Teams are assembling from the Lower Mainland and the Interior.

Should be an approximate 3 hours +/- from launch to burst to landing. Pre-game show will be available on any repeater connected to the Allstar BC Hub or The Canada Hub http://ve7nfr.com/

You will be able to listen live on Broadcastify as well: https://www.broadcastify.com/webPlayer/38686

Please advertise on your Nets, Facebook page and any meetings between now and then, it will be very easy copy for you and recovery is requested. Please take lots of photos!

Thank you and hope to hear you all on the 100,000 ft repeater on Saturday,
Scott Leaf VA7SL
North Fraser ARC