With agreement from the executive and the technical committee, the club has donated one of the spare VHF antennas stored at the hydro trailer.   For those familiar with the gear at the trailer, this was the unit that has been stored outside the trailer for many years with a very "experienced" (aka slightly bent) dipole.   We have a second antenna  inside the trailer which is being kept as a club spare.


Today I helped Richard VE7NT, a club member and active member of Shuswap Search and Rescue, take the thing apart and we took it over to Richard's house in my truck.  Richard is going to re-wire the antennas as the coax looks very suspect.  It will be used on a repeater site for SAR use.


I'm delighted that NORAC has been able to help out one of our local SAR groups.  Shuswap SAR has a big area to cover and has a smaller purse that Vernon SAR, so it's good we can help them out.  


Thanks to the technical committee and the exec for their support.


73 Ritchie VA7RLX