I have three (x3) brand-new in the box Luxul PDU2 network power distribution units.
Remotely control 2 AC power jacks over a local network or the internet.
Great for remote HF stations or repeater sites with network access, or deploy them at the home shack and control your devices from remote locations. Perform a simple power off/power on without having to go onsite.
I purchased a lot of these from an auction all brand new in the box. I've already deployed the ones I need and have 3 left over.
Online these are typical $225 USD plus import, shipping etc.
I'm selling them for $125 each CAD, no taxes, buyer pays shipping in Canada.
I created a post with more information and more picture on the units and their web GUI. http://24bloom.blogspot.com/.../luxul-pdu-02-network...
Please contact via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Or call me at home +1 (250) 547-9672
Local pickup in Lumby or Vernon can be arranged.