I saw a recent NORAC newsletter asking for members to post ads for used gear for the recent course graduates and I have a skookum ham station that I can part with.

The history on it is that VE7BOY (Alan Lawson) had it set up in Langley, he bought all the gear brand new (new price was probably $10k~$15k)  and I bought his entire station and brought it up here.  Life got in the way and I never got into the hobby, didn't set the station up, and instead I only use 2m for safety/comms when I'm in the bush on my own, and occasionally say hi to a few people on the Sunday net, or one of my personal friends.

The antennas, long indoor/outdoor cables, and tower are stored outdoors, however the rest of the station has been stored in a warm dry basement since I've owned the station.

So, here is what is included:

- everything in the pics below, this was the station as it was set up in Langley

- Yaesu FT-990 transceiver

- Yaesu 1kW amplifier

- Telex TH-11DX multiband yagi

- Antenna rotator and remote, plus the vertical pipe mast

- Multiband fiberglass vertical antenna

- Delhi DMX 48' tower (no base, as it was cast in concrete at VE7BOY's place, but they are available from Delhi), and guy wires

- Pakratt data modem unit (precursor to internet)

- Mics

- external speaker

- oilcan dummy load

- several hundred feet of RG coax

- coax patch cables to interface everything and the antenna switch together, and an antenna switch

- a bunch of other useful stuff in boxes

- original manuals

- cords

I want to sell it as a lot to someone who will use the gear and enjoy it as much as Alan Lawson did, and I think I might have his QSX log too - Alan said he made radio contact with every corner of the globe using this station.

Asking $1,500, which I think is reasonable given that the used amp is probably worth $1,000 on its own.  There is quite a lot of stuff, I remember the back of my pickup was full on the way home from Langley when I picked this station up.

About all a ham would need to get going is a 2m radio, but new those are under $200 and even less used.  There is a 2m crystal radio with the station, but it is old technology.  And a new antenna base and some post-haste catalyzed fast-set concrete would be needed to set the tower.

If someone would like a station that has pretty much everything ready to go, then I would be happy to sell it onward to someone who will love the gear as much as Alan did.

George Hutchison - VA7GWH
530 Mt Tanner Pl
M: 250-307-8152
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