The collection continues...

I have five (5) Wilson 'Ham Stick" HF Antennas. No idea for which band (guess 10, 15 or 20M) They each need whips. $5 each or $20 for all If you take them all, there is a bracket that I'll throw in.

Next are three (3) HF Resonators. One is a Hustle Super RM-40-S. The other two are wrapped in black tape. These resonators appear to go with a homebrew screwdriver type base. Definitely a must see. $20 for all. Offers for pieces.

There's an NMO mount Base Station Bracket with approximately 15 feet of RG8X coax attached (likely more, but not measured) $20 GIFTED 

Finally there's another approximately 60 feet of RG8X coax - no ends - $30


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