For sale.

Amp Supply LK500NTC 1200 watt amplifier.

Switch band and go. NO tuning required

Uses two 3-500 Eimac tubes.

I have tested on 80 meters and 100 watts PEP in gives you 1200 watts PEP out 

This amp is in very good condition inside and out.

Wired for 240 volts.      Can be changed to 120 volts but will need 30 amp breaker and wiring.

$1000 local pickup only

Also available for sale with the amplifier.

Vectronics HFT-1500 manual tuner. (built in Canada version. NOT MFJ)

3kw manual tuner. Roller inductor and digital PEP meter as well as analog swr and power meter.

300 watt / 3000 watt selectable.

This is in very good condition also.

$200 local pickup only. Try before you buy.

Call or text Rick. VA7EM Cell 250-938-0503.