For sale is an unused Genasun 4A MPPT solar charge controller for 12V Lead-Acid batteries.

This charge controller will support any solar panel with a max output of up to around 50 watts and a max voltage of 27 volts. Self consumption of this charge controller is the lowest in it's class at just 0.125mA in operation and 0.09mA at night... but most importantly, these charge controllers are known to be silent (no RF noise) so a perfect fit for HF radio work.

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Asking $90 CAD for the unit - a bargain if you look at its retail cost in USD, convert to CAD and then add US to Canada shipping, duty, tax, etc.

Again, this item has never been used as I went a different way with the project I originally intended to use it for. Comes in original box with manual.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you think this might be good fit for your project/shack/RV/etc.


Ps: a small correction: I hooked it this charge controller up the other day to a solar panel and a battery in David VA7SZ's lab. We put David's scope on the battery side to see if we could confirm the charge controller's noiselessness. I believe we did, with nothing noticeable in the 0 - 50MHz frequency range. So, this is indeed a good charge controller for HAM radio use.