Many NORAC club members currently run Yaesu FTM-3200DRs. The FTM-3200DR is a great price/performance radio capable of doing C4FM digital transmissions. It only has one issue: the fact that is is VHF-only.

Yaesu did release the FTM-3207DR, the UHF-only equivalent of the FTM-3200DR... but what HAM can really use a UHF-only radio?

Now the long-awaited solution is here: the FTM-7250DR:

Same commercial-mobile style as the 3200 and 3207, but a true dual-bander.

Check it out here on Yaesu's website. Also, check out the reviews on

Price point for the new FTM-7250DR is around $325 CAD. Not bad, although the $250 CAD price point of the 3200 still rings best value in my ears.

I am excited to hear a review from the first club member to purchase one of these 7250s.

NORAC Vice President