Anyone with great photos of the North Okanagan may wish to create and submit a banner for our website.

Here are the basic settings I use for creating one.

  • Size = 1000x275. (1000 pixels wide & 275 pixels high)
  • Text = Welcome to NORAC
  • Font =  Berlin Sans FB Demi
  • Font Size = 48pt

Additional tips and suggestions (optional)

I try to match the color of the font to another prominant color in the page. In the example below the white snow and the blue sky are the two prominant colors. I match the text color to the snow (white) and then place the white text over the blue sky.


Another option is outlining the text so it's not too bold. In the banner below the orange of the sky is the color I wanted to use for the text, but if the large text was a solid orange it was too overpowering for the banner. In this case I outlined the text with an orange trim, but left the majority of the text black.


These are just suggestions that will allow anyone to create banners for the website that maintain a common look and feel.

As a club we are a community and I encourage anyone to create some banners for the website if they wish.

Please email your submissions to me -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.