I have an Icom 5061 with the Separation Kit for sale. This is a commercial VHF 2 way radio. Comes programmed with LADD 1-4, all the RR channels (1-35 and LD 1-5), and Alberta Open channels 1-6. Also has some channels that I simply scanned (Fire, BCAS). And finally, it also has pretty much every HAM frequency in the Okanagan and Shushap regions programmed in.

This is a real 50 watt powerhouse radio legal on the backroads (with appropriate license) as well as legal for HAM use (with appropriate license).

The Separation Kit allows the radio to be mounted in one place while the control head and mic are up where you want and take up far less space. Also note that that the scan feature on this radio is really nice, with multiple configurable options possible when keying during scan.