Icom IC-718 Base radio, HF All Band 100W Transceiver


 Asking $600 OBO

  Superior basic performance


First receive mixer section, provides superior IMD rejection, in-band adjacent signals. The double-conversion design provide superior rejection of images & spurious signals, is A newly designed PLL circuit has been adopted to improve C/N ratio characteristics. The combination of the 4-element system mixer and new PLL circuit allows superior basic performance as that of a commercial grade transceiver.

  • 0.03-29.999999 MHz* general coverage receive
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • IF shift
  • Auto Notch Filter
  • AF Noise reduction
  • Integral electronic keyer, variable dot/ dash ratio, speed & pitch


Other features SB, LSB, CW, RTTY(FSK) and AM modes are built-in; level adjustable noise blanker; RF attenuator and Pre-amplifier; variety of scanning function types; total 101 memory channels; c/w hand microphone.

 ASTRON Power Supply      Asking $130 OBO

Astron RS 20 A   12 V regulated linear (i.e., transformer-type) power supply suitable for the Icom 718 HF Txcvr

 If both items bought together, vendor is Asking $630 OBO for pair.



Icom IC 2100-H 2-MetreVHF transceiver -- Asking $90 OBO

 A nice simple older & very reliable VHF FM transceiver suitable for mobile or base operation.

 The Icom IC-2100H 25N 2 meter FM mobile features a rugged design and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display. The displays may be set to green or amber. The receiver covers 136-174 MHz and the transmitter delivers 55, 10 or 5 watts of output. The improved receive IMD helps provide protection from excessively strong signals such as pager signals. And the squelch attenuator (approx 10 dB) allows you to reduce interference from strong nearby signals.


  • Encode/Decode
  • Tone Scan
  • 113 Memories
  • Scanning
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Call Channel
  • 55/10/5 Watts Output
  • Call Channel
  • Priority Watch
  • Remote Hand Mic

12 V Power Supply -- Asking $30 OBO

 12 V 4A Power Supply (unknown mfr, could be ASTRON RL-4S)

 If both items bought together, vendor is Asking $100 OBO for pair


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