Eric Bealby Estate Asset List price Quant
Commodore 64 System $100.00  
includeds 2 floppy drives 1541 and 1571    
Video monitor 1702    
2 AEA Pakratt / Com Fax Cartridges    
Robot 1200C SSTV Converter $50.00  
Yaesu mounting bracket mmb-62 $10.00  
Daiwa DLA-80H 144/440 amp $50.00  
Larson NMO HF mount 17' cable $10.00 (2 available)
Larson Trunk mount NMO TLP 17' cable $10.00  
ProAm NMO to SO239 Adapters $10.00  
Yaesu FF-501DX(52ohm) LP Filter NIB $50.00  
CSI-700 phone spx patch - NIB $25.00  
MFJ-1112 6 port DC power strip NIB $50.00  
MFJ-1118 High Current 8 port DC power strip $70.00  
AlphDelta Delta-4 Coax SW with Surge Prot N-Con $40.00  
MFJ-1700B Multi Transmitter/Antenna Swtich $40.00  
Yaesu FT-8500 w/mounting bracket & 2x Potato head Mic $125.00  
Yaesu YSK-8500 Separation kit NIB $25.00  
Yaesu FVS-2 Voice guide unit for the FTM-350 Transceiver. $25.00  
NooElec upconverter w/case and Cinergy DVB-T Dongle SDR Kit NIB $50.00  
RM Italy HLA-150 HF Linear Amp NIB $150.00  
Mirage A1015G 50-54Mhz Linear Amp $100.00  
Mirage B3016G 144-148Mhz Linear Amp $100.00  
Daiwa 144Mhz LA-2065R Linear Amp NIB $50.00  
Mirage C22 220-225Mhz Linear Amp $10.00  
Yaesu Quick Charger NC-29 $10.00 (2 available)
Yaesu FP-12 Power Supply $10.00  
PacComm Pico Packet TNC $20.00  
PacComm Handi Packet TNC $20.00  
Yaesu External Speaker SP-8 $80.00  
Realistic SP-190 Speaker $10.00  
Yaesu YO-301 Monitor Scope $50.00  
StarTech Professional USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter $10.00  
Yaesu MD-1C8 Dynamic Microphone $50.00  
Yaesu MD-100 Dynamic Microphone $60.00  
Heil Sound AD-1-YM Yaesu Cable $15.00 (2 available)
Heil Sound ProSet Ear Pad Replacement Pair $10.00  
Yaesu FEP-10 Earphone (Listen Only) $5.00 (3 available)
Yaesu VC-27 VOX Earpiece / Microphone $20.00  
Yaesu TCXO-9 TCXO $75.00  
Yaesu FT-912R 1.2 Ghz Transceiver (Condition Unknown) $20.00  
Rayovac AA/AAA Alkaline and NiMH Battery Charger (PS1) NIP $10.00  
Simpson Instruments DC High Voltage Test Probe (Cat # 00507) NIB $30.00  
Fluke 80K-6 High Voltage Probe $50.00 (2 available)
SSB Electronics UEK-3000 13CM Down Converter offers  
SSB Electronics UEK-2000S 13CM Band Converter offers  
Bird Electronic Corp. 1.1 - 1.8 GHz 25W Thruline Wattmeter Element $50.00  
Heathkit HW-2036 2 Meter Transceiver c/w Manuals $10.00  
Yaesu FT-227R 2M Transceiver (no Microphone) $10.00  
Yaesu CT-69 Mic Adapter Cable NIB $10.00  
Yaesu MH-48 DTMF Microphone NIP $15.00  
Kenwood MC-45DM DTMF Microphone NIB $25.00  
Kenwood MJ-88 Microphone Plug Adapter NIP $20.00  
Kenwood DTMF Microphone 8 Pin Modular Connector $20.00  
Yaesu MH-1B8 Microphones $20.00 (2 available)
Alinco DTMF Microphone 8 Pin Modular Connector $20.00  
Drake 1525EM DTMF Microphone 4 Pin Connector $10.00  
ICOM Microphone 4 Pin Connector $10.00  
Yaesu MMB-37 Mobile Mount Bracket NIB $10.00  
Yaesu MEK-2 Microphone Extension Kit (for FT8500) $30.00  
Yaesu MMB-60 Quick Release Bracket $30.00  
Yaesu FBA-37 Akaline Battery Case (for VX3R) NIB $10.00 (3 available)
Yaesu PA-6 DC Car Adapter Charger NIB $10.00  
Yaesu FNB-17 Nicad Battery Pack NIB free (2 available)
Yaesu DVS-1 Digital Voice Memory Unit (for FT-212 / FT-912) $35.00  
AC Adapter 15.5 VDC @ 1 Amp $5.00  
Yaesu FTT-4 DTMF Keypad NIB $10.00 (2 available)
ICOM Microphone wired to work on older Yaesu Mobiles 8 Pin Connector $5.00  
Yaesu MH-37A4B Earpiece / Microphone (for FT60) NIB $15.00  
Yaesu NC-85B Battery Charger (for VX2R, VX3R) NIB $15.00  
Yaesu FNB-12(S) NiCad Battery Pack NIB free  
Yaesu CSC-35 Soft Case for FT411 $5.00  
Yaesu FBA-25A Battery Case NIP $10.00  
Kenwood DFK-3 Detachable Front Panel Kit NIB $20.00  
Kenwood PG3J Filtered Cigarette Lighter Cord NIB $20.00  
ICOM BA-12 Battery Charge Adapter NIB $5.00  
Kenwood TM-742 Mounting Bracket $10.00  
Circuit Test Electronics RP-9500 AC Adapter 9 VDC @ 500mA NIB $4.00  
Corba Power Supply 9 VDC @ 300mA $4.00  
Yaesu FM-1 FM Board (for FT-920) $50.00  
Yaesu TCXO-2 TXCO Unit (for FT-990) NIB $50.00  
Yaesu XF-110S SSB Filter NIB $50.00  
Yaesu XF-10.9M-202-01 Narrow SSB Filter NIB $50.00  
Yaesu FIF-232C Cat System Interface $30.00  
INRAD Yaesu FT-920 Filter Switch Board Modification Kit $40.00  
Yaesu XF-116A 8.215 MHz - 6KHz AM Filter (for FT-920) $50.00 (2 available)
Yaesu XF-116C 8.25 MHz - 500 Hz $50.00  
Comet CFX-324 Triplexer 1.3-150 Mhz, 200-320 MHz, 390-500 MHz NIB $60.00  
Comet CF-416 Triplexer 1.3 - 170 MHz , 350 - 540 MHz NIB $40.00  
ADMS-1E Programming Software and Cable (for VX-5R, VX-1R, FT-11, etc) $20.00  
Yaesu CT-62 Cat Interface Cable $25.00 (2 available)
ADMS-1C Programming Software and Cable $15.00  
RT Systems ADMS-4B System Programming Software (for FT-857(D) / 897(D) ) $30.00  
ADMS-2D Programming Software and Cable (for FT-8100, 8000R, 8500, 3000M) $15.00  
Yaesu CSC-28 Soft Case NIB $5.00  
Bayly Engineering RF Thruline Wattmeter 50 - 400 MHz (10 - 50 - 100 W) $25.00  
W&W Manufacturing MasterCharger IIA for Yaesu FNB10S - FNB27S offers  
EMS-30 Desk Battery Charger for Yaesu FNB-38H Batteries offers  
Yaesu MH-57A4B Speaker / Microphone NIB $20.00  
Programming cable for Kenwood TM-710 $10.00  
PC Interface Cable for Kenwood TM-V71 and TM-D410 $10.00  
MFJ-5086YV TNC to Radio Cable for Kenwood / Alinco 8 pin Radios $10.00  
Micronta Adjustable Dual Tracking DC Power Supply 0 - 15 VDC @ 1 Amp $20.00  
Circuit-Test Function Generator SWF-7000 $50.00  
Heathkit Semiconductor Curve Tracer Model IT-1121 with Manual    
Heathkit FET / Transistor Tester Model IT-121 with Manual    
Heathkit Solid State Dip Meter Model HD-1250    
Heathkit Solid State VOM Model IM-25 with Probe and Manual    
Heathkit VTVM Model IM-5228 with Probe and Manual    
Yaesu FT-920 HF/50MHz Transceiver with MD-100 Microphone $750.00  
Working Radio - Dusty but should cleanup very well    
Yaesu FT-920 HF/50MHz Transceiver with MH-31 Microphone $350.00  
Needs Repair - No RF Output & Marks on the display    
Good Cosmetic Shape    
Yaesu FT-920 HF/50MHz Transceiver with no Microphone $400.00  
Needs Repair - No RF Output    
Good Cosmetic Shape    
Yaesu FT-920 HF/50MHz Transceiver with no Microphone $400.00  
Needs Repair - Does not turn off    
Good Cosmetic Condition    
Yaesu FT-920 Technical Supplement $15.00  
Yaesu FT-11R Operators Manual $5.00  
Yaesu FT-990 Technical Supplement $20.00  
Kenwood TM-D710A Instruction Manual (Photocopy) free  
Yaesu FT-3000M Technical Supplement $10.00  
Yaesu FRG-9600 Service Manual $15.00  
Yaesu FT-415 Technical Supplement $10.00  
Yaesu FRG-100 Technical Supplement $20.00  
Yaesu FT-411 Technical Supplement $10.00  
Kenwood TM-421A Instruction Manual $5.00  
Yaesu FT-3000M Operator Manual $5.00  
ICOM IC-3220A Instruction Manuals $5.00  
Yaesu FT-847 Technical Supplement $15.00  
Yaesu FT-990 Operating Manual $25.00  
Yaesu FT-51R Technical Supplement $10.00  
Yaesu FT-530 Technical Supplement $10.00  
Yaesu FT-11R Technical Supplement $10.00  
Yaesu FTM-400DR/DE Nifty Mini Manual $10.00  
Radio / Tech Modifications & Alignment Control Book Volume 6B (1993 Vintage) $5.00  
Golden Classics of Yesteryear book by Dave Ingram free  
Contact Chris Walter (VE7EQN) if you are interested in any items on this list. Preference for local pickup in Kelowna.    
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